Fostering Change in Education

What Will Your Future Be Like?We believe the economies of the United States and the world are incorporating new technology, analytics, and work skill changes at a much faster pace than our educational systems can handle. Employers report having increasing difficulty finding sufficiently trained students to hire for their 21st century jobs. Colleges are finding that an ever-increasing percentage of their applicants are not college ready and that they must devote considerable resources to remedial coursework.

The inability of our educational systems to keep current with today’s work skill needs is a major reason for the increasing inequality between the suitably and the unsuitably educated in America. We consider income inequality in this country to be a problem that demands a solution.

Our charitable foundation wants to see an end to income inequality that results when students are not ready to work when they leave school. By providing educational program funding at many levels, we work to foster creative change that closes that gap.


Empowering Educational Solutions

We fund innovative educational solutions that contribute to improving academic performance in the United States from K-12. We focus particularly on STEM/STEAM initiatives directed at underserved populations, but will fund any public or private school program that proposes creative and workable solutions to improve and modernize our children’s education.

Contact Us today to talk about your proposal and see if it meets our criteria for funding. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, we serve all of New England. Those with creative ideas for change outside of New England are also encouraged to apply.