Recent GrantS

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center 

The Gawlicki Family Foundation has awarded a grant of $84,000 to Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center to implement a home-based pulmonary rehabilitation program for at-risk patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

With the grant, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center and program director Richard L. ZuWallack, M.D., will implement a program for pulmonary rehabilitation in the home for discharged COPD patients. The home-based rehabilitation intervention will be a mechanism for enhancing patient – caregiver communication, providing necessary education, teaching self-management strategies, and promoting exercise and physical activity. In addition, an important goal will be to get the patient to transition from home-based to center-based pulmonary rehabilitation for continued care.

Traditional, outpatient center-based pulmonary rehabilitation – like the one at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center – results in substantial improvements for patients across multiple outcome areas including improvements in breathlessness, exercise capacity, functional status, self-efficacy, quality of life, and health care utilization. Despite these documented, positive outcomes, it is often difficult to get discharged COPD patients to attend regular outpatient-based rehab sessions.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, is a chronic lung disease that makes it hard to breathe. The disease is increasingly common, affecting millions of Americans, and is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the American Lung Association. The good news is COPD is often preventable and treatable.

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center has been an anchor institution in north central Connecticut since 1897. In 2015, Saint Francis became part of Trinity Health – New England, an integrated health care delivery system that is a member of Trinity Health, Livonia, MI, one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation.


St Patrick’s School, Yorktown Heights, NY

The Gawlicki Family Foundation awarded a $150,000 grant to  St. Patrick’s School in Yorktown Heights to implement its Full STREAM Ahead Program. These funds will be used to purchase state-of-the-art technology, make facilities upgrades, and provide professional development training for its staff. The upgrades will be completed before the start of the 2017-2018 school year. The funding will also provide ongoing professional training for three years.

St. Patrick’s School, a Catholic co-educational institution of learning for students in grades Pre-K3 through 8, seeks to provide a total program of instruction, emphasizing the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development of every child. In a creative environment, St. Patrick’s School provides an exceptional, technology-enriched education to develop knowledge, stimulate growth and form life-enriching experiences. In this family atmosphere, we promote an environment where knowledge is constantly pursued, while providing the means to develop individual student skills and talents.


City of Hartford

Hartford, Connecticut’s financial straits have been well documented in the press. Mayor Luke Bronin recognized the need to identify options for achieving fiscal sustainability. To that end, the City has obtained substantial funding to contract with the National Resource Network (NRN)— a federally funded consortium of urban experts – to provide the City with recommendations on how Hartford can be more efficient in its operations over the long term. As part of the arrangement with NRN, the City has agreed to provide 25% of the total estimated cost of the project, or approximately $63,000. The Gawlicki Family Foundation is interested in aiding and supporting the City of Hartford in its efforts to create a sustainable future – something it believes will benefit both city and state residents. On May 1, 2017, the Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding to fund $33,000 of the City’s obligation to NRN. More information about the NRN and a related article that appeared in the Hartford Courant can be found at


Kent State’s Institute for Applied Linguistics

Kent State University’s Institute for Applied Linguistics has received a grant for $1 million from the Gawlicki Family Foundation of Hartford, Connecticut, to fund the development of a state-of-the-art distance learning translation studies program. The Institute for Applied Linguistics is a research and education program affiliated with the Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies within the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State. For more information on this grant see Kent State Grant


New Beginnings Family Academy

New Beginnings Family Academy (NBFA) is thrilled to receive a $25,000 grant from the Gawlicki Foundation to support our Math in Motion program. The grant will allow us to improve teacher math instruction, provide math intervention help, and explore hands-on activities that engage students in math.  As Connecticut’s first charter school with a progressive model, this grant will support our efforts to integrate mathematics into an interdisciplinary, project-based, enriched curriculum.” Quentin Ball, Chief Strategy Officer, NBFA


Hospital for Special Care

The Hospital for Special Care’s (HSC) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Management Program was created to help patients suffering from COPD improve their health-related quality of life through wellness, on-going risk mitigation, and education, thereby reducing flare-ups of the disease and hospital readmissions. The goal of the COPD Disease Management program is to be fully integrated to include: disease management, utilization management, case management, behavioral health, and health and lifestyle management.  This, versus episodic treatment resulting from sick visits, would mean better patient outcomes. The goal of this program is to allow for the daily management of this complex population including pulmonary rehabilitation and acute exacerbation management combined with treatment of pre­existing comorbidities . This best practice model provides intensive education including medication adherence, symptom management and relapse prevention.

To accomplish this most effectively, HSC’s COPD Disease Management Program sought funding in order to earn a Patient Centered Specialty Program (PSCP) designation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance and to provide Chronic Care Management (CCM).  HSC will begin work on the PCSP designation in year one of the project and will implement CCM in year two.

The Gawlicki Family Foundation was pleased to provide the Hospital for Special Care with a grant in the amount of $250,000 to complete this work. For more information about this grant go to HSC Grant


Perception Programs Inc.

Perception Programs Inc. (PPI) is a private, non-profit behavioral health agency dedicated to the well-being of individuals and families throughout Northeastern Connecticut. It offers hope, support and a path to recovery from co-occurring substance use and mental health problems. Many of the services PPI provides are currently funded by the State of Connecticut. As Connecticut’s financial position has become more tenuous, the state has been forced to dramatically reduce the fees it pays providers for essential services like those delivered by PPI. These cuts have the potential to put PPI in a precarious financial position.

However, as a result of careful planning, PPI identified this issue early on and has been strategizing on how best to address this growing revenue problem. In February, 2017 Perception applied to the Gawlicki Family Foundation for a grant to fund a part-time grant writer position. The grant writer’s role will be to look for new funding sources that will reduce Perception’s future reliance on the state government.

The Gawlicki Family Foundation was excited to see Perception Programs proactively seeking new sources of revenue to fund the vital services it provides to the community. As a result, a grant for $48,000 was recently awarded to PPI for this purpose.

For more information about Perception Programs Inc., see their website at


Western Tidewater Free Clinic

lusher_120508_0034The mission of Western Tidewater Free Clinic (WTFC) is to provide healthcare to low-income, uninsured adult residents of Western Tidewater who cannot otherwise afford it. WFTC serves as a health home for its patients by offering them medical, dental, and mental health services as well as life-saving medicines. No other free clinic currently exists within WTFC’s 1,400 square mile service area. Since opening in 2007, WTFC has served over 4,000 patients, providing them with nearly 100,000 medical, dental, and mental health visits and has dispensed over 145,000 prescription medications.

Most WTFC patients have multiple chronic illnesses which require on-going access to life-saving medications. While programs have been put in place with pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost of providing these medicines to patients, most of these programs have limited formularies or do not provide some of the generic drugs needed. In 2016, the Gawlicki Family Foundation made a grant of $30,000 to assist WTFC to help ensure continued access to these medications.


Challenge 39


The Mansfield Challenge Program, which utilizes Parks and Recreation staff, Youth Services staff, Middle School and High School teachers and counselors, is designed to assist selected Mansfield youth to gain self-confidence as they develop the necessary skills to transition to high school.  Eight 7th graders and eight 8th graders (4 girls and 4 boys from each grade) participate in a five day/four-night wilderness experience including a 20-mile group backpacking and camping trip on the Appalachian Trail, a ten-mile white water canoe trip on the Housatonic River and a day of rock climbing and repelling.  The program has been in existence for 39 years and has provided a unique experience to 16 participants each year.  Below is a picture of Mansfield Challenge 39 participants and some of the staff involved in the program. The Gawlicki Family Foundation provided $5,000 in support of this program this year.


Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board

1st Manufacturing Pipeline Class in Willimantic

The Eastern Connecticut Manufacturing Pipeline is a cornerstone to the workforce strategy in Eastern Connecticut. The program is dedicated to aligning the jobs skills of the under- and unemployed to the anticipated hiring needs of manufacturing employers through short-term, intensive customized job training through regional higher educational institutions. The program received national recognition via a Workforce Innovation Fund grant from the U.S> Department of Labor in late 2015, one of only six awards in the country.  U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez identified this program as an innovative model ripe for national replication.  The initiative is scheduled to train 450 individuals over the next three years to address the need for skilled workers in trades such as machining, welding, and carpentry. Twenty-seven community partners are part of this initiative, including employers, academia, and state and regional workforce agencies.  The Gawlicki Family Foundation provided a $25,000 grant to assist Willimantic and Mansfield students participating in the Eastern Connecticut Manufacturing Pipeline.


St. Bernard Catholic School


At St. Bernard School academic excellence is a priority. Its seasoned and energetic teaching staff prides itself on upholding the high standards expected from a Catholic Education while adapting to the needs of each individual student. Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the school follows an archdiocesan-wide curriculum that meets, and in many cases, exceeds national standards. As a rule, its students test one to three grade levels above their current grade on standardized tests. 

In order to ensure that their students are prepared to enter any area high school, the school has undertaken a “Technology Refresh” initiative that brings state of the art technology to all students, teachers, and administrators. In 2016, the Gawlicki Family Foundation provided $40,000 for this project.


Based in Hartford, Connecticut, the Gawlicki Family Foundation, serves all of New England. Those with creative ideas for change outside of New England are also encouraged to apply.

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