Group of Healthy AdultsHelping people lead healthier lives is a win-win proposition for individuals as well as society as a whole. With health care solution funding, the Gawlicki Family Foundation of Hartford, Connecticut, fosters creative ideas for change. Our charitable foundation’s goal is to empower individuals and groups to develop healthy living initiatives.


Research confirms that obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking contribute to pulmonary disease, diabetes, and various types of cancer. These diseases reduce health-related quality of life for the patient and impose significant burden on patients, families, caregivers, the health care system, and our economy.

A primary focus of our Foundation is to promote positive health and well-being by initiating healthy living programs in our community. The Foundation gives preference to programs that demonstrate the ability to improve pulmonary care.

Contact Us today with your ideas for healthy living on the community level. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, our foundation serves all of New England. Those with creative ideas for change outside of New England are also encouraged to apply.