Meet the Foundation Leadership

Mary and Ted Gawlicki are committed to change in education and health care. With that in mind, the wife-and-husband team started The Gawlicki Family Foundation in Hartford, Connecticut. This nonprofit foundation works to foster change by offering grants to individuals, groups, and organizations with innovative ideas.

Before establishing The Gawlicki Family Foundation, Ted and Mary Gawlicki teamed up to start Corporate Translations, Inc. in 1990. As business partners they spent 26 years growing Corporate Translations into a $36 million international company that was the market leader in translations for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Both Ted and Mary have been very active in volunteer work and charitable giving for many years. In 2012 they formed and began funding The Gawlicki Family Foundation focused on donating to many charitable organizations. In 2015, Ted and Mary sold Corporate Translations and designated a significant portion of the funds from the sale to the Foundation. After a year of assisting with the transition at CTi, they retired and are now fully employed and focused on the work of the Foundation.

The intent of the Foundation is to move from charitable giving to funding innovative solutions in three areas of focus - namely education, respiratory healthcare and translation as a career. They are searching for solutions to problems or opportunities in their areas of focus that will provide positive, measurable continual improvement.

They urge you to submit a grant proposal to their Foundation knowing that the proposal will be given thorough consideration. They are prepared to provide both financial and managerial expertise if requested.

Mary Gawlicki - Founder

Mary GawlickiPrior to establishing Corporate Translations and The Gawlicki Family Foundation, Mary enjoyed a successful career in manufacturing finance at Xerox Corporation, Scott Paper Company, and Digital Equipment Corporation. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in French from Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York, and later earned her MBA in finance at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Ted Gawlicki - Founder

Ted GawlickiPrior to establishing Corporate Translations and The Gawlicki Family Foundation, Ted enjoyed a successful and extensive business career at two NYSE manufacturing companies where he held significant leadership positions. Ted holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Connecticut.

Contact Us today to learn more about the Gawlicki’s vision for this Foundation. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, we serve all of New England. Those with creative ideas for change outside of New England are also encouraged to apply.